This is my blog \/ \/ \/ \/

So this is my blog. Being thinking about doing it for a while. Now i’m doing it.

Why? Well basically….why not? Every now and then i have an urge to write and people seem to enjoy it. So if i have a blog, then those who wanna read it can read it, and i can leave Facebook for those that just wanna not read it.

What will i put on my blog? Who knows! All i know is i will put on it whatever i feel like writing. It may sometimes be funny, it may sometimes be sad, its may sometimes be inspiring. It may sometimes be lyrics of a song that sound cool, it may be a single line that sums up how i feel…. It will all depend on my mood and what i feel like writing, but one thing it will always be is honest.

So thats basically what i wanna write. Chances are if i have put it on Facebook, its gonna be here first. Although i am going to repost Facebook stuff that i like on here as the first thing. Basically so it looks like i know what i am doing from the get go.

Which i don’t……

If you like it, feel free to share anything i write, or add your opinion,or ignore it, or argue it.

If you dont like it feel free to add your opinion, or ignore it, or argue it, or print it on on 3 ply toilet paper and wipe your arse with it. What you do with it is not up to me. The blog, not your arse. But then again what you do with your arse is also not up to me………

Anyway let the blogging begin……….


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