October has been made my gratitude month. Each day i will post on my facebook page something i am grateful for on that day. Sounds corny and airy fairy but those that know me know that “The Secret” is a big part of my life and gratitude is a big part of The Secret.

Lately i have noticed thati have lost the basics of “The Secret”. I havent been thinking as positive as i should do and i certainly having been showing gratitude for the good things that have come around. HEnce the month of gratitude. Something has been telling me that October is not gonna be a good month. Ive seen the crossroads and i have seen that they will have to merge eventually and it was just a matte of time before they did. October is the time they do.

From what i can tell, from what i can feel, from what i can sense, October is the crux and life from Novemebr is going to be a very different story. OCtober is the month of choices and decisions about 2013. 3 months before the end of the year and i get a decisions making month. THAT is some big decisions that need to made. Here’s to making the right choices.

Anyway the whole point of this entry (not that their needs to be a point, its my blog and i can write whatever i want. Pointless or otherwise ;p) is to elaborate on my gratitude posts on Facebook. The idea from here on in is that i do this daily.. hmm that may last a week MAX!

October 1 – Family

By Family i dont mean just the people i share blood with, although those amazing people are obviously included in this category. Also included in this category are that small group of people that i can TRULY be myself around and not worry about saying the right thing or about being completely honest in the way i feel because they GET ME. They understand where i am coming from and they realise that i speak from truth and from the heart. That just because i dont necessarily agree with something they say or do, doesnt mean i dont respect them. These people are absolutely effortless to be around. But not only are they effortless, they give me energy just by being with them
They are few but they are absolutely appreciated and acknowledged. In return for this ease of connection i am fiercly protective. This goes for blood and heart family.

These people almost feel like an extension of myself.
October 2 – Music

Ahhhhhhhhhh…Possibly my favorite thing in the whole world. My best friend. My most loyal supporter and the one thing that completely understands and completes me.

Music has been the once complete constant in my life from when i was little. Its always been in my life and i cant imagine going a day without music. Through the worst days and through the best days. Its been there. The music changes, the artists changes, the feeling and the effect changes but music has always, and always will be there.

Music is responsible for bring into my life some of the most important people in my life and creating some of the strongest bonds i have had, and continue to have in my life. NOt only this but it has allowed me to experience so much cool stuff and opened up so many oppurtunites that i am so greatful to have been a part of.
Basically music feels like my heartbeat. Constant, steady and the provider of life.  Without it, nothing else matters

October 3 – Friends

Even typing it makes me smile.

They say that friends are family that you can choose. Well i haev to say i have chosen well. I am stoked to have so many people in my life that really do make my day just by seeing them. Without getting sentimental and reminiscent, from a childhood where i struggled to have friends, to have as many amazing people in my life every day as i do is really a childhood dream come true.

I truly do know that regardless of the situation i am in there is always soemoene i can call on. They may not be able to solve the problem but they can certainly make it a lot easier to deal with.

And for this i am beyond grateful.

October 4 – Dance

ha ha ha ha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh dance.

I dont even know where to begin. Every day i see the difference dance has made in my life. In the amazing people that i have met. In the clarity it has given me. In the change it has bought about in my life both big and small. A year ago i remember saying “I dont dance” constantly. “Now i say i cant/wont stop dancing”.

Dance is one thing that i an conciously and purposely grateful for every day. IT has opened up my understanding of myself way more than i ever thought could be possible. Someone one said “If you run, you are a runner”, so i guess that makes me a dancer.

I never really thought about how dance would effect me. I used to get the whole emotion through dance and how you have to express it through your movements (Thanks SYTYCD) but i didnt understand how that movement really effected your mind throughout the journey. Because it doesnt work like that. Its not about using your body to effect your mind, its about using your body to express whats IN your mind.

Dance is visible expression of your inner most thoughts. Maybe THIS is why people find it so daunting.

Dance – Cheaper than Therapy.

October 5 – Sleep

Nothing really deep about this one, i just love sleep. If i could dance and listen to music in my sleep i would sleep forever. But im pretty sure thats called death.

End of post.


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