Passion – Drive or Drain?

Disclaimer: This post is not about anything or anyone in particular just a general post that was inspired by a conversation.

When does a passion turn from a driving force that gives you all the energy you can handle and more to a draining part of your life? And how once it has changed do you take it back to that driving force of  limitless energy?

An interesting conversation i had with a friend today (oh yes, all conversations i have now may be turned to blog posts) about how passions can affect you. Obviously when it is good, its an amazing effect. But what happens when it doesnt work the wya you expect it to. Obviously yes its going to suck. That goes without saying.

BUT as someone who get passionate about alot of things (i know you find this hard to believe), i know it can be more than just a “oh well that sucks but lets move on”. It becomes an energy drainer. It becomes an emotional and mental drainer. It keeps on sucking the life out of you, even once you have decided that its time to step away.

BUT what happens if you know its worth sticking by it even though it has gotten to a point of being more of a drain than a drive? What happens when a part of the passion is a drive and another part is a drain? How do you keep going, “knowing” its going to work out in your favour but feeling the mental and emotional drain? IS stepping back going to work when you dont WANT to be away from the passion but you know you should? Is it stepping back, if you are constantly focused on the passion while you are not in/with the passion.

Where do you go when you live your life by a credo of following your passions and every part of your life gets rocked all at once? What happens when your view on these passions all changes or what you were passionate about ends?

What if your passions werent ever what you thought they were but once you actually fully discovered them you were no longer passionate about them?

When do you get to the point where you stop yourself becoming passionate about something because you have nothing more to be taken?



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