Thank You.

“If i have spent more than 5 minutes with you this year then…” 

This, as well as the attached picture, was my status updated yesterday. Previous to updating my status, i had read my 2013 note and it was pretty obvious how different the two years have been. And it was pretty confronting. And awesome. 

At the beginning of the year i made a list of things i wanted to do and then sorta forgot about it. Last night i found it. And realised that without even thinking about it, i am very much on my way to fulfilling the list. This isn’t the list with things like “Going Skydiving” or “Visit every state”. This is a list that goes a little deeper and long term. This isn’t a list about experiences. This was a list about life. Or more specifically about regaining life. 

One of them stood out as being more successful than others. 

“Socialise with new people regularly” 

Obviously, there was nothing wrong with the people that i was friends with, or socialised with when i wrote this. The idea of putting this on the list is pretty simple. I had got into a rut and spent so much time in the rut that i had not met anyone new for i don’t even know how long. And i was over it. 

And i’ve gotta say, i’m pretty happy with the new people that have come into my life. Some of them i have known for a while and we have just started actually forming a relationship. Some of THESE, even 6 months ago i would have either said “No way will we ever be friends” or “If we were mates, that would be awesome”. In both cases, it is awesome. 

In all cases, i’ve loved every minute with all of em. But its not just that, 

I knew that this year was going to involve a lot of change in myself. And with all times of great change you never know how its gonna go. And, thankfully, so far, the change has been great. I was completely open as to which way it went. I wasn’t sure of WHO was going to enter my life, so i had no idea where the change was going to bring me. 

Before you think that i have changed into something i’m not, thats absolutely not the case. The last few years i, again, have been stripped back, and get another chance to rebuild. This time on even stronger foundations. This time i get to explore parts of myself that for whatever reason, be it lack of confidence, no idea where to even start, lack of knowledge or someone to guide me, i never did before. 

And i love it. 

Never did i think, and i still laugh at it uncomfortably, that i would have an actual interest in politics, let alone actually attend a protest march (i wish you could see how much i’m laughing at this right now. Obviously, “Waylon Murphy – Political Activist” hasn’t quite sunk in yet). But its kinda nice to actually feel like i have a voice about something. It’s really nice to actually explore something that ive wanted to for so long. 

Never did i think that i had so much to learn about the simple things, like how to shave properly, how to dress properly (not t shirt and jeans or gym gear), how to interact with people like a man without losing sight of the inner child. All those things i was too ashamed to actually ask anyone. Nor did i realise how fun it was. 

I could speak forever about how amazing 2014 has been. Not for many many many years have i been able to say that i’ve gone almost three months without a bad day. And i can say that honestly. Not once, in the year 2014, have i gone to bed and though “That day sucked”. Most days have actually been “Another awesome day. Thank You”. 

So my status update is a shortened version of this: 

Regardless of whether we have spent five minutes together, if we have had coffee and a chat after a session, if we have had dinner, if we have “attended” a political march. If you have let me into your life in any way, you have changed me. You have been a part of 2014 being an amazing year. So thank you. 




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